About this project

Welcome to Sporthought! I’m Dom, a British-born, Mexico-based writer with a deep and occasionally obsessive passion for sport (that furry guy is Boris, a border collie who couldn’t care less about sport unless it involves him catching a ball).

I launched Sporthought in 2019 for two reasons. First, I wanted to provide a creative outlet for my sporting fanaticism. If I have spent my whole life watching, playing, talking and thinking about sport, why not write about it too?

Second, and far more important, I wanted to provide a platform for sports fans like us to discuss the latest results, controversies and talking points on any given day.

As you well know, sport is capable of eliciting unbridled joy, bottomless despair and a myriad of other emotions all in the space of a few minutes. Emotions, they say, can become toxic if left bottled-up. So I invite you to think of Sporthought as your sporting shrink and urge you to get in touch via the comments section, email or social media. Whether you take issue, or by some miracle agree with my opinions, I am always happy to defend them and listen to those of others.

Sporthought is not a news site. I aim to provide insightful, in-depth and hopefully at times entertaining comment and analysis on the biggest talking points in the world of sport. Expect extensive ramblings football, cricket, rugby, tennis, snooker, Formula 1, athletics and most other things involving some form of scoring system.

It’s worth noting here that I am an Arsenal fan – don’t expect objective views on North London’s hue.

I post new articles every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you want to receive all the latest stuff directly to your inbox, the Sporthought Weekly newsletter arrives every Saturday just in time for you to enjoy with your morning coffee. Subscribe here or via the annoying pop-up that appears every now and again.

If you prefer to get your fix via social media, I post all the new content on Twitter @_SportThought. Give me a follow and get in touch. If I do not respond immediately, I’m probably watching sport.